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Fast and Effective Designer

Work smart, not hard. Some PV software is more laborious than pulling panels up the ladder.

Once you have gotten things set up in powerlily you will be sending out highly compelling web quotes that take no more than a couple of minutes each.

Precise Measurements

Easily design your systems with our intuitive tool, using high-definition aerial imagery or your own drone photos.

The OG map, no cap. Near 100% availability and excellent resolution in many areas. Some rural areas have less up to date or lower resolution imagery available.

It's alright, and we have it too! Bing maps is a good alternative to Google Maps, and has excellent coverage in many areas. Some rural areas have less up to date or lower resolution imagery available.

Eagleview is an industry leader in HD aerial imagery. They have great coverage in North America (94% of US properties). Eagleview is often the best choice for high accuracy and high resolution imagery.

The GOAT of aerial imagery. Nearmap has the highest resolution and most up to date imagery available. They have excellent coverage in many areas, and are the best choice for high accuracy and high resolution imagery.

Already took drone photos and measurements at the site visit? Upload your own imagery and start drawing. You only need to know the length of one roof facet to create accurate designs on your own custom imagery.

Interactive web quotes that sell

  • Accurate kWh production, energy savings, and bill reductions.
  • Automated BOM with configured products and pricing.
  • Customizable quotes with your company logo and colors.
  • Custom Cover Photo
  • Restrict Access to intended quote recipient
  • Send quotes as a web link or PDF.
  • Track quotes and view open rates.
  • E-signing for quote acceptance.
  • In-quote secure document sharing and messaging.
  • Infinite quote options per client with comparison chart
  • Full markdown editor, dynamic variables and custom css for titles and text content.

Did we mention that it's

Product Catalogue

Share, showcase or simply store product info, spec sheets and materials in your equipment catalogue.

Knowledge Base

Organize your knowledge with categorized articles, how-tos, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and more within your own branded Knowledge Base

Performance Statistics

Gain valuable insights into sales performance from every team member while driving competition and enhancing motivation in the workplace.

Your leads in powerlily

Let powerlily manage your leads. Embed a lead form on your website and have your leads automatically added to your powerlily dashboard ready for you to begin without having to copy and paste any details.

  • Restrict address input to areas you service
  • Get notified when a new lead comes in
  • Customer file uploads stay with quote
  • Easily embed one line of code or use your branded contact page in powerlily
  • Gain actionalble insights and statistics about your leads and quote workflow